A systematic approach to critical issue resolution

Business trend

8D Problem Analysis (8D PA) was developed by Kepner-Tregoe and is the most advanced problem solving technique available. It is used to address critical business issues and specifically to identify root cause. This technique is endemic in the automotive and aerospace industries, but is quickly spreading to company supply bases, and now into other industry sectors. However many organisations are still working on Excel based tools that do not reflect the best practice process, and that do not enable Executive level visibility and control or effectively capture and share resolved issues across the business.

Softools response

Softools have worked with Kepner-Tregoe to develop an 8D PA app that runs on the secure and scalable Softools web application platform – where access is available on any device from PC to tablets and smart phones. The 8D PA app can run in stand alone format or integrate with existing client legacy systems in to order to provide a systematic approach to critical issue resolution.


Golden Feature: Ability to carry out Root Cause analysis in a transparent and easy to follow process


User Guidance

Move through the clear and simple 8 step process with process help written by a Kepner-Tregoe consultant to guide and support throughout. 

Charts and reports

Charts and reports are available to present data in an easy to understand format such as issue quantity by owner, mean time to fix, a fix time gantt chart and an overall issues log. These charts and reports provide high level visibility and allow further drill downs into the data, direct access to specific records (e.g. red issues for an individual owner), filtering and are fully responsive to allow the user to view them on any device at any time.


Data entry is easy for users as there are text entry points, date fields, image upload areas, harvey balls, drop downs and many more to ensure the issue is fully recorded and identified.