Softools was founded in 1998 and was tasked with creating a software platform to embed 'best practices' within the most critical operational processes.  Over the last 20 years, Softools has grown to now deliver the world's most advanced 'business process' web-application platform to sector leading corporations and public sector organisations in all regions of the world and across all parts of the corporate value chain.

We have an advanced technical team based in Henley-on-Thames (UK) and Regional Offices and work with leading consulting companies and system integrators to implement off-the-shelf and client specific solutions that transform business, operational and financial performance.


To be used by over 90% of the world's most successful companies to drive 'Business Process Excellence'


Anyone can build an app - why not you?


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Andy Bruce, CEO

Andy Bruce is an entrepreneurial business leader with ultimate responsibility for business strategy, governance and commercial operations at Softools.  He works with strategic partners to design and deploy technical solutions that deliver business transformation.

Prior to co-founding Softools with Mark in 1998, Andy worked as a business process consultant – leading change programs for blue chip clients such as Nokia and Coca-Cola, and public sector organisations world-wide.

He previously worked as a Director for a specialist engineering firm and he has served a three-year Short-Service Commission with the British Army.

Andy has an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management and a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton.  He is also an international author and has sold over 500,000 books on business leadership and growth published by leading publishers.


Mark Edwards, COO

Mark is a co-founder of Softools where he heads up operations.  He is responsible for the delivery, management and support of all client implementations where he works closely with clients to translate complex business challenges into workable and pragmatic solutions. He  continues to play a key role in the technical direction of the underlying Softools platform - where he established our guiding principles of 'zero-code App build' and 'single platform code for all clients'.

Mark has worked in the commercial IT industry since 1991, after graduating from Cranfield with a military based IT degree. His first 5 years in the commercial world were spent as an Analyst with two companies, specialising in Point of Sale applications in the retail sector. 

Previously, Mark started his own company, Open Software, in 1994 to provide Stock Control and Point of Sale software to a major music retailer before selling it and moving to a London based IT solutions company as Technical Director, with responsibilities for full lifecycle development of IT projects based around database applications. 

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Tom Dutton, CTO

Tom is an inspirational technology leader responsible for the Softools tech strategy and roadmap.  He also heads up the technical relationship with Microsoft as a strategic partner where emerging technologies such as IOT, Machine Learning, AI, Knowledge Bots and the Progressive Web will increasingly deliver step changes in platform features and performance.

As well as driving a philosophy of continuous innovation in the platform, he guides the technical development team towards ever increasing: speed, stability and User eXperience.  Over the next few years, Tom will continue to deliver world-class solutions for channel partners and clients based on the principles of: 'zero-code', 'mobile first' and 'offline- first'.

Tom has worked as a software engineer for over ten years, specialising in business process software with a focus on highly scalable web applications. He has a passion for technology and likes to keep up to date with new advances in web technologies.


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Microsoft continues to be our most strategic technology partner.  As well as delivering the world's most secure and scalable web hosting environment, the Microsoft Azure stack continues to drive innovation and opportunities for step changes in client performance.

Emerging technologies that will keep Softools' clients at the forefront of what is possible and ensure that solutions never become out of date include: Internet of Things IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge bots, and the Progressive Off-line Web.


Global Security Accreditations

Deploy on the world's most secure and stable web platform - Microsoft Azure. Softools meets 100% of global data security standards.