Centre of Application Excellence

Increasingly IT is seen as the critical enabler of the Digital Transformation of the business and its extended value chain. However, IT departments can become overwhelmed supporting enterprise systems such as ERP and CRM, propagating the risk of business critical processes being executed using either unapproved software products or self built solutions in Excel. This increasing trend is often referred to as ‘Shadow IT’, and it results in the emergence of 1,000s of business applications that are not secure, integrated, compliant or controlled.

The Softools Centre for Application Excellence or ‘Apps Incubator’ delivers web and mobile apps to enable digital transformation and ‘Smart Business’. Apps may be simple or complex, stand alone or fully integrated with enterprise systems and smart devices across the business.

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There are eight components to setting up and running an effective Apps Incubator based on the Softools web application platform:



Set up a Softools portal to deliver secure and scalable web or mobile applications that will run on any device, anywhere, anytime.



Capture, evaluate and prioritise applications that need to be migrated to advanced web or mobile apps – this should include applications currently running in Excel.

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Schedule of Work

Set clear deadlines for building and deploying each app onto your Softools portal – timings should be agreed by each Executive sponsor.

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Apps Accelerator

Run an intensive 3 day workshop to train business process experts as app builders and ‘copy and configure’ your initial suite of applications.

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App Builders

Identify and train other subject matter experts or even graduates and apprentices as Softools zero-code App Builders using remote web-based training modules.


App Store

Update and share the catalogue of off-the-shelf apps built by your App Builders or copied from the Softools store of ready-to-use apps.

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Tech chat

Access the Softools App Building Experts to get advance on optimising use of your platform and support on building advance business process solutions containing.



Establish a process to review your app governance and to ensure the right solutions & apps are deployed to the right people and that benefits are maximised.

Digital Badge Program

Our Digital Badge Program recognizes the capabilities of our corporate app building community. There are five different tiers of badges corresponding to varying degress of app building proficiency:


We will be launching a new online self-paced App builder training portal in the near future so that App Builders can learn and continue to develop their skills enabling progression through the levels.

If you are interested in learning how to build Apps of the Softool’s platform please contact us.

Stay tuned to for more details!