Softools Newsletter 11


Henley Royal Regatta has been taking place on our river front this week, and we haven't slowed down whilst watching them! Above is the Gloriana in all her splendour, privately commissioned for the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee, it was a great spectacle to see her being rowed past the Softools Offices.  This month we have a collection of new Refresh associates, we have been signed up as an IBM partner and we're looking for feedback from you on our new offline capability set to launch in the next three months. We also have our Softools colleague Bill Swinbank moving to Thailand to set up our regional office in Bangkok.

Our Hot Topic for this month is 'Compliance' where we have created a range of apps to help assess and manage different scenarios. In the Hot Apps section we are highlighting the trusty Action Tracker, Tech Audit, a marketing campaign management tool and a set of GDPR apps. 

This month in the new features section we have template based icons and randomised audit options.

Top Stories

Asia Office

Bill Swinbank is heading over to Thailand this month to set up a Regional Office in Bangkok to support Softools local channel partners. This is part of our ongoing commitment to the region and will provide further support to Vince Brabazon who heads up operations in Singapore where he continues to drive sales through our strategic partners: KPMG, Oracle, Turner and Townsend, Crayon, Compassites and Kepner-Tregoe. We look forward to visiting them both over the next 6 months.

Refresh Partners

So far our new Business Refresh programme has led to some really exciting new partner relationships. We have brought on board the following:

Moonshot Strategies

Partner with clients to help accelerate business potential by creating ambitious strategies with a 'disruptive' edge to ensure they remain relevant, successful and responsible.

A2Z Network

 A2Z Network has expertise in managing a network of highly skilled individuals who are connected to others to collaborate and achieve business performance improvements.  It is a consortium of over 100 business experts, A2Z Network provides specialist expert help across all business disciplines - Customer Service, Finance, HR, IT, Legal, Marketing, Operations, Recruitment, Sales, Training etc.


 CML (Carl McInerney Ltd) provides consulting and interim management services to Corporates and SME’s. 

Gresham Considine

Gresham Considine are renowned business turnaround specialists. Working with Corporates and SMEs, the firm works across a wide range of sectors to assist clients with all aspects of strategy planning and implementation.  

Opportunities Workshop

Inspired by a belief that there is a way to help local firms take advantage of opportunities in the local economy and that skills shortages should not constrain a business, the founders set up Opportunities Workshop over 15 years ago. It provides Consulting, Coaching and Training Services to a range of firms in the SME sector. 

*Feedback required*

By September this year we hope to be launching our new Offline capability. At this stage we believe we will be the only company in the world to be doing Offline in  this way so it's really exciting for all involved! 

Would you be interested in being on the Offline Focus Group? We are looking for a group of individuals to share insight and give feedback on our evolving Offline capability.

We are now an IBM Partner!

Exciting news! we are now an official IBM partner. By becoming an IBM partner we now have access to internal IBM resource and are looking to make Softools available through IBM Bluemix. 

Hot Topic


Compliance reflects the need for all business units, functions and teams with the company to adhere to policies and procedures, laws and regulations. To enable routine audits against compliance and best practice checklists these apps can be based on industry standards (such as ITIL and Sarbanes-Oxley) or client specific audits (such as a Supplier Assessment). Red and Amber indicators are then linked to improvement initiatives and tracked via the Project Management Office (PMO).

Want to know more about how compliance? See our dedicated page and find out more today.

Hot Apps

Hot Apps this month include:

Action Tracker: 
The simple action tracker is a core component to many of our users sites and provides a quick and easy way to log and track important action items.  

Marketing campaign management:
Our recently developed campaign management app allow a marketing campaign to be put together and followed through by the team of marketeers. 

With the new GDPR coming into place in May 2018 we have put together a set of auditing apps to help organisations prepare for the changes and avoid unwanted fines. The apps will also help to implement change projects to support the new regulations. 

Tech Audit: 
With the race to get as many internal software applications on the cloud, IT departments are looking for a way of tracking and monitoring the complete set of internal processes. Use this Tech Audit app to conduct a regular assessment of your systems, software and technology.  Each line item is assessed for strategic fit and operational excellence, and enables you to make a strategic 'KICK' decision: Keep, Invest, Change, or Kill.  Use this app as part of your annual technology roadmap conversation, and update quarterly based on scanning of technology changes outside the business. 

To get more information about any of these apps and suites, please contact us here:

Partner news of the month

We are now working with the business development arm of Compassites based in Singapore

Compassites are a Channel partner with a 300 strong technical resource in india and are quickly growing technical resource in Singapore. They are an integration specialist, specialising in digital transformation. They focus on enterprise mobility and cloud offerings to build mobile applications on 3rd party platforms.

They are looking to use Softools zero code App Build environment to enhance their product offerings in Singapore to their existing client base..

New Features

Template based icons

Bring your templates to life with a colour and imagery. Our experience has shown that making data entry forms more colourful aids user experience and buy in.
As an App builder, you can now add icons to your templates (with zero code) within AppStudio. Icons would usually be context sensitive, but can help with branding too!

These are available now in AppStudio, Enjoy!

Randomised audit options

Using a traditional annual audit process, everyone knows when an audit is happening, so processes and procedures temporarily improve in anticipation of the audit. If we randomise parts of the audit and run them more frequently, we get a more consistent and permanent improvement in process. 
Weekly randomising parts of an Audit or an organisation’s checklist is an excellent way to apply continuous improvement and engage employees. For example, 2 weekly random questions that apply to the quarterly Data Protection Compliance regulations will ensure that processes are continuously enhanced and quick improvement actions take place more regularly, reducing the possible quarterly overload of work.

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