Softools Newsletter No. 13

The leaves are starting to turn and winter is coming (!). We started this month with our Annual Partner Day held at the Microsoft offices in Thames Valley Park and this months' newsletter will be covering off some of the exciting new features and functionality, deployments and stories covered there. Tech breakthroughs were discussed with talks on Industry 4.0 from IBM and Robotic Process Automation from Simon Turner. The big event of the day was the launch of our own new Offline capability using world-first technology. We then moved to the apps marketplace with BYO (Build Your Own) apps discussed by Reliance Energy and case studies from De-Risk followed by an insight into our own Go to Market success factors and How to Sell Softools.

We are also set to launch our new training 'Apps Incubator' Programme for 2018, so look out for an email from us about that over the coming days. The programme will follow a 5 webinar series that will train users as complete app builders, covering off all areas of the platforms functionality and how to set up and govern a corporate apps incubator.

Would you like to have another app builder in your team or fancy learning yourself? Perhaps a refresher? Join us for an App Builder day or a webinar series at Henley Business School or online, including a lovely lunch with river-side views. See dates here - next event on the 10th January 2018.

Hot Topics

David Platt - IBM - Industry 4.0

Essentially Smart Devices + Smart Apps = A Smart Business. David played buzzword bingo and showed us all that in the tech world there are often a load of new word terms floating around, but when put into user scenarios, topics such as Industry 4.0 can have real impact on efficiency and productivity within businesses. The potential to transform client performance, increase revenue and reduce costs through intelligent uses of big data, cloud platforms, IoT devices, smart sensors and machine learning insights in any business environment. 

Learn more about how Softools is using Industry 4.0 by enquiring here:

Mercedes Monroy - Softools - The Corporate Apps Marketplace

As part of a global Operational Excellence and Digital Enablement strategy, a world renowned drinks manufacturer had a need to standardise their approach to OE in key areas such as Process Maturity Assessments, Improvement Initiatives and OE certifications whilst covering off compliance, visibility and sharing of best practices across the business. This Softools solution offered huge benefits to the bottlers as it delivered over 25 Operational Excellence apps, provided a single source of truth and increased the number of improvement projects; in some cases by 6. Apart from delivering significant savings, each bottler had enhanced business processes, routines, documentation and appropriate leadership focus. The internal Apps Marketplace they have created has allowed for rapid replication across all bottling sites and across the business as a whole.

Ian Moulster - Microsoft - A Global Platform

The Microsoft Azure web hosting platform is now the cloud platform of choice by both Corporate and Public Sector clients. By using Azure we can work in any area of the world, we can allow for different scenarios such as hybrid ways of working and access pre-configure solutions and complex tech tools such as data analytics and machine learning.  We also ensure all data is secure and compliant with the most stringent standards across the world and compete in a marketplace that is estimated to be worth a significant $4.5 Trillion. 
Please contact us below for further interest in Microsoft Azure

Simon Turner - Altius - Robotic Process Automation

RPA - Robotic Process Automation is a term that refers to the use of advanced software solutions to transform the effectiveness and efficiency of core business processes. RPA encompasses everything from: screen scraping of legacy apps to use the data, use of basic workflow to simplify and aide users,  the ability of systems to 'learn' and the use of cognitive services such as voice to text, to the use of deep learning and neural networks. These services all increase the productivity and flexibility of software enabled processes, enable dramatic cost savings and increased efficiency. RPA will be a hot topic for Softools in 2018 as we continue to enhance our platform to deliver state of the art solutions.

Tom Dutton - Softools - Going Offline

At the Partner Day we launched the preview version of the 'Offline' capability - referred to as the 'Softools Azuuza' platform. This new functionality uses Progressive Web services to allow users to work offline or in areas of low bandwidth, thereby providing users with a continuous service operating off near instant screen load speeds. This opens up exciting opportunities in new industries such as mining, transport and construction where working on a mobile or tablet, with no connectivity won't be an issue. 

Click below to register your interest in a preview

Natasha Goode - Reliance Energy - Build Your Own Apps

Reliance Energy have built their entire apps portfolio from scratch to meet their needs for a complex project management solution. As they are a growing business, their solution needs to be flexible, be configurable as their internal processes change, and scalable as they introduce new users over time. To achieve their objectives Natasha attended a one day Softools App Builder training course and then received support along the way to build her own apps. Once operational the site remains managed by their own internal team and they have complete control over what apps are produced for the business as it grows.

Register for your place on an Apps Incubator Programme here on the Events page.

Keith Baxter - De-Risk - Strategic Delivery Assurance and Risk Management

Strategic Delivery Assurance (SDA) is a tool used to ensure successful delivery of large/complex programmes - over 50 programmes (values of $10m - $3.2Bn) have been analysed using SDA to date. By using the SDA app suite, major programmes that followed through on their recommendations successfully reached their targets, delivering in full on time and in budget, even if initial analysis predicted large failures. Those that didn't follow through on recommendations failed to reach their targets by (almost) the exact predicted amounts.

Feel free to contact Keith to see how he could help De-Risk major programmes you might be working on.

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Harrie Barron - Softools - How to Sell Softools

Harrie is ‘our man in Paris’.  He has spent the last six months presenting Softools to various French corporations, consulting firms and CTOs and is really starting to enjoy himself!  He is now actively engaged in 6 opportunities ranging from custom apps to IOT solutions.  His journey has not been easy as the transition from selling professional services to business leaders, to positioning the world’s most advanced web-application platform to CTOs has not be straightforward.  It is not just a question of selling a different product, but it can change what you are selling, who you are selling it to, and how you are selling it.  But as Harrie says…’If I can sell Softools then so can you!’

If you would like to hear more of Harrie's story or would like support with opportunities in France, then please feel free to contact him below.

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Since the summer, we have been working with a UK-based organisation called The Social Selling Company to design and execute LinkedIn-based campaigns targeting specific industries and roles.  Early results are hugely positive in terms of number of contacts (moving from 500 to 5,000! In the target area), and the number of conversations and live opportunities.  The process follows a structure format from initial contact and downloadable thought leadership piece (or video) through to a call-to-action based on a conversation, face-to-face meeting or open event.  Each campaign costs in the region of £2,000, and has been by-far the most productive marketing activity we have ever undertaken. 
Let us know if you interested in your own campaign and we can set-up a co-planning session with Max and Alex from the TSSC