Softools Newsletter No. 14

This month we've been Trick or Treating to bring you a bundle of treats ready to get your App Building tricks up to the Advanced level with our Apps Incubator programme gathering more and more attendees each month. We also have two upcoming Smart Apps events for CIOs and CTOs as well as Operational Excellence leads in both London and Paris where the conversation will focus on the 'Tech Agenda' and developing the Smart Business.

Would you like to have another app builder in your team or fancy learning the process yourself? Perhaps a refresher? Join us for an App Builder day at Henley Business School, including a lovely lunch with river-side views or sign up to the webinar-based Apps Incubator Programme. See dates here.

**STOP PRESS** Andy Bruce (Softools CEO) will be travelling in Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore and Thailand throughout the rest of November. Please get in touch if you would like a visit!

Top Stories

Smart Apps London & Paris Events

We have two exciting events for CIO and CTO's as well as Operational Excellence Directors in London and Paris. Discussions with Business & Technology leaders over the last 12 months have identified new opportunities arising from emerging technologies and the increasingly pivotal role of IT to business survival and growth.  But they also talk about the complexity of their current infrastructure and how in an ideal world they would prefer to start with a blank canvas.  In these round-table event Softools,  in combination with Microsoft present what they call the the ‘2018 Tech Agenda’ - key challenges being faced by tech leaders, the 6 hot topics, and a 10-point plan for Digital Transformation of the business.
At the end of January 2018 we will be holding two focused events in London and in Paris.

Become and App-Builder

With the emergence of the new Softools Apps Incubator programme, users have the ability to build apps from scratch, to configure existing off-the-shelf apps and to develop/optimise existing sites. App Builders in all sectors are utilising new features to create innovative new stand alone apps or complex enterprise solutions in hours.  Click here to download the latest Apps Incubator program outline.

Offline update

We have been overwhelmed by the interest in our new of-line platform – offering users the opportunity to work anywhere, any time and on any device.  We have now launched our Preview version with channel partners and key clients to get feedback.  As well as exploring the new Offline capability, they will review exciting changes to the User Interface, new graphics & layout, and new features.  Click here to let us know if you would like to participate in the preview program.

Softools Community Area

Do you have a suite of Apps that you would like to offer to existing Softools Users? Are you an App Builder and would like to read and share tips with the App Build community? Do you have a new feature you would like to suggest? New this month is the launch of our Softools Community area. Introduce yourself to other Softools Users to discuss latest trends in Business Apps, learn helpful Tips & Tricks and raise Feature Request for what you would like to see in future releases. Sign up for an account on to be able to create new posts, comment on discussion topics and vote on feature requests.

Hot Topic

QMS - Quality Management System - A new suite of Apps
The QMS or Quality Management System is a critical enabler of business survival and growth that allows companies to: define compliance and performance standards, build industry best practices into core processes, use daily | weekly | monthly routines to check performance, to identify the Performance Improvement Potential and area on non-conformance, and to put in place corrective actions – what | who | when to embed learning into ways-of-working.  Click here to download an generic flier of what is possible in this space.

Hot Apps

Dealer Audits
Every week a new Softools app is created that enables routine audits or assessments – either by our internal DevOps team, by a Channel Partner or by a Client.  Audits have enormous value in large organisations that have multiple sites that essentially do the same thing – such as hotels or large scale manufacturers.  But increasingly, standard checklist based audits are being adopted in the car industry to monitor the performance of their dealers, and to develop continuous improvement programs.  Click here for more information.

Short Interval Control

The ability to track the performance of operations in real-time and feed this through to key decision makers such as the shift manager, plant Director or Engineering Team is more critical today than ever.  The adoption of ‘smart devices’ now enables the capture of real-time data at a rate and scale like never before.  But this leaves the team asking the question ‘so what’?  Softools can now link to IOT hubs to pull off aggregated data in order to automatically feed performance data, scorecards and dashboards through to people’s smart phone, and generate Incidents based on deviations or exceptions from upper or lower control limits.  Click here to learn more about our IOT capability.

Partner of the Month

KT have been a channel partner of Softools for many years, but as they move into the area of Operational Excellence, the need for a platform to support the diagnostic phase, enable the transformation program and embed best OE practices is more critical than ever.  Click here to learn more about KT and their world-class Issue Management processes.

New Features

Word Export Improvements
The existing functionality to product MS Word exports has been extended and tidied up. You will now see a more consistent output of fonts, font sizes and font-attributes, which will now respect the MS Word document place holder font specification.
Other improvements include :

  • better, more consistent layouts for grids
  • appropriate alignment of column data within grid fields
  • shaded columns to make a grid look more like the on-screen version
  • fixed formatting issues for some fields and charts

Team Field
Assign your RAID items to a Team using our new ‘Team’ Field. Using this Field Type will bring back a list of all the Teams on your Site for selection that you can choose from in a drop down menu. Common uses for the Team Field include assigning a Team to a Project, setting the Team responsible for an Audit and choosing the Team to own key business Actions.
App Builders can use the Team Field in workflow to set Full or ReadOnly access to members of the Team selected in a Record.

All of these features are live and ready to be used on your site and in your apps.
Need some help getting started? No problem, drop us a note here: