Softools Newsletter No.6

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Business Refresh Program

‘Is your business ready for the challenges it faces from relentless competition and changing customer expectations’?

The Softools Business Refresh program and supporting Softools Refresh web-application platform is an ‘Accelerator Program’ for entrepreneurial and high growth businesses looking to validate their business strategy and transform operational performance in a fast moving business environment. The program is delivered through face-to-face consultancy services partnered with world class Apps following our renowned strategic refresh program. 

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Integration with Slack

This month sees another use of Integration within Softools. Slack ( describes itself as "Team Communication for the 21st Century". It is a team collaboration and messaging tool which came to the market in 2013 and now boasts around 3 Million Users, in companies ranging from NASA, to Ocado and The Times. Softools can now post messages into Slack Channels with configured content and record information from fields. A typical use case is Agile IT project management. Slack messaging offers a very effective messaging tool among teams and a better alternative to managing team communications via email. Softools use Slack internally for messaging and integration with Azure, Zendesk and Jira.

Partner of the Month


Entheo are a leading Innovation Consultancy based in Singapore and operating in the AsiaPac region.  They have recently been retained by IRT in Australia to provide a complete Innovation Management solution reflecting their proprietary Six I’s of Innovation® process, running on the Softools platform. 

New Features

Learning Resources for Apps:

Help can now be provided at an App level via the ‘i’ icon in the floating bar menu at the bottom right of the screen. This is accessible from App Reports and from within Records.

This new area contains a description of what the App is used for along with the subject matter expert as well as useful learning resources for users. These can be in the form of assets and documents users can download, hyperlinks to websites with relevant material and instructional videos that have been added via AppStudio.

Comments and Attachments can be accessed from List Reports:

We have improved the visibility of Comments and Attachments by enabling access to these from List Reports. This feature can be enabled from the Report configuration in AppStudio.

To view the Comments or Attachments, first enter the in-line edit view of the Report via the pencil edit icon at the top left of the Report. Then click on the Attachments or Comments and it will pop open a pane from the right of the screen with the relevant list of entries. This allows users to view, edit and add Attachments and Comments for records with the need to open each record individually to do so.

An extension of in-line edit:

In-line edit has now been enhanced to allow editing of more field types including bit fields (check boxes). We have also enabled Details Fields to be editable for in-line edit. This allows users to edit data for long-text fields which would take up to much screen real estate to be included as columns for the Report.

Auto-Generation of Identifiers in AppStudio:

To increase the speed of building Applications we now generate a default Identifier when adding Fields, Templates, Forms, and more. The first parameter that the user enters is the Label and from this the system will suggest an appropriate Identifier which can then be overwritten if required.

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