Softools Newsletter No. 8

Well that's February gone... The days are getting longer and there are sunny days starting to appear, time for us to give you an update on what we've been working on.

This month we are focusing on a new deployment down-under that promises transformation and innovation initiatives, we are highlighting our new and improved Operational Excellence solution as well as showing off our IoT(Internet of Things) capability to you.  We also have a free webinar available, run by the Global Corporate Venturing Academy, 

We have a host of new features this month including the ability to apply base filters on charts and reports, list report paging and find out about 'nested' reporting.

Want to have another app builder in your team or fancy learning yourself? Perhaps a refresher? Join us for an App Builder day at Henley Business School, complete with lovely lunch and river-side views. See dates here.

**STOP PRESS: New Website**

Softools has re-done and re-launched our website! Feel free to go check it out:

Top Stories

IRT Deployment

We have been working with our Singapore-based partner Entheo to design and deploy an Innovation Portal based on their ‘6 I’s of Innovation’ framework.  The solution enables innovation and transformation initiatives to be planned, prioritised, implemented and controlled in a secure and scalable web environment – running out of the Microsoft Azure centre in Sydney. 

Operational Excellence

Softools have just relaunched an enhanced suite of apps for enabling Operational Excellence (OE) across your business:

  • Plan your overall OE approach, set a strategy for your OE program and agree Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are displayed in a Visual Dashboard and confirm whether you are on track
  • Assess current performance using various assessment and audit apps that identify areas of non-conformance, and identify the overall Performance Improvement Potential (PIP)
  • Improve performance through advanced problem solving, improvement projects, and OE Champions up and down the business
  • Govern the overall OE program and provide key Executives with the visibility and control they need

Internet of Things (IoT)

We have now fully developed our IoT capability which allows data from third party devices to be imported real-time into the Softools platform in order to feed performance monitoring and reporting apps such as KPI Scorecards and Executive dashboards.  Data can either be imported directly via the Softools published APIs or via third party services such as the Microsoft IOT Hub. 

Free Webinar: Performance measurement for financial and strategic return of your CVC portfolio

Hosted by the Global Corporate Venturing Academy with Softools' Andy Bruce; this webinar on 22 March will focus on the Performance aspect of the 5Ps (Purpose, Process, People, Partners & Performance).

Topics covered will include:

  • Strategic Purpose to Performance
  • Strategic And / Or Financial measures 
  • Survey results for CVCs use of measures
  • Portfolio strategic overview and governance example system
  • Balanced scorecards
  • Mobile and team access to deal flow

Partner of the Month


There are new General Data Protection Regulations coming into place in May 2018 which could incur heavy fines. To help companies prepare, AssureData have created a GDPR compliance readiness solution to take to market this month. 

New Features

Base filters on charts and list reports

App Builders now have an option to set a 'Base’ or default filter on any report (charts or list reports).  These Base Filters are applied before any user filters are applied and cannot be cleared by the user.  This is useful if reports are created to show (for example) only ‘Status Red Risks’ on a Risk Register.  This capability also allows the creation of content rich dashboards where charts can represent different data sets for the same app, such as sales charts for regions.

*This was part of the most recent update, please ask your system administrator to help you configure it.*

Screenshots as attachments

Within the attachments area of records, the user can now select the ‘Screenshot’ button which will paste and save an image in the clipboard of the PC – complimenting the capability that already exists when working on tablets and smart phones.

*Lucky you! This was part of our last update and is already available to you.*

Nested Reporting

We have now introduced a new capability that defines a (parent-child) relationship between two records within the same app.  Once configured, a list report can be set-up to show records at the highest level, with the ability to drill down into child records at the next level, and then the next level.  There are no limits to the number of levels that can be defined.  This exciting new feature enables a cascade of KPIs or Projects up and down all levels of an organisations – ensuring they are all linked and aligned.

List Reports Paging

The Auto-paging capability on list reports has been replaced by a paging system to allow you to move backwards and forwards to the next set of records quickly.    

At the bottom of each screen, there is now a new footer bar showing the current page with the option to move next / previous where appropriate.  At the same time, we have introduced considerable speed improvements so that reports can now be used to drive performance review meetings real-time as opposed to having to print out reports, review in the meeting and update later.

We have also re-written the way in which the Inline Edit feature works so that it is much easier to use.  The Inline Edit button makes everything on the page instantly editable, with no lag or display changes.  Changes to fields are then instant as they are made with no save button requirements.  This feature alone will make regular review meetings a breeze, with status, comments, attachments and updates across multiple records a really simple tasks to perform

To view any of these new features, simply go to the Softools demo site at: and log-in as Guest for both the user name and password (note that the password is case sensitive).  The Workplan app is normally the most feature-rich in terms of having all new features configured.

Key Dates

Need another app builder or want to refresh your skills? Get out of the office and come along to the lovely Henley Business School for a day of learning and app building complete with a nice lunch and beautiful river-side views.