List Reports Paging

The Auto-paging capability on list reports has been replaced by a paging system to allow you to move backwards and forwards to the next set of records quickly.    

At the bottom of each screen, there is now a new footer bar showing the current page with the option to move next / previous where appropriate.  At the same time, we have introduced considerable speed improvements so that reports can now be used to drive performance review meetings real-time as opposed to having to print out reports, review in the meeting and update later.

We have also re-written the way in which the Inline Edit feature works so that it is much easier to use.  The Inline Edit button makes everything on the page instantly editable, with no lag or display changes.  Changes to fields are then instant as they are made with no save button requirements.  This feature alone will make regular review meetings a breeze, with status, comments, attachments and updates across multiple records a really simple tasks to perform

To view any of these new features, simply go to the Softools demo site at: and log-in as Guest for both the user name and password (note that the password is case sensitive).  The Workplan app is normally the most feature-rich in terms of having all new features configured.