Softools Newsletter No. 10

As summer approaches, Henley and Marlow are becoming key destinations on the social calendars of many with the Regatta tents in place, the Pub in the Park just ended and the Henley festival tickets on sale we can't wait to see what this summer has in store. Here at Softools we've got a few events up our sleeves too, the Refresh program is bringing in new partners, we're planning our Softools Summer Social (stay tuned) and we have a couple of App Builder days along the way as well. So why not grab your sunglasses, pop down to Henley and join us for a chat?

This month we've got the success of our G-Cloud 9 submission that is opening up a new Public Sector marketplace, a great article on SEO tips to make your website stand out, a tour of our Hot Topic: Digital Transformation and a great case study of the Performance Assurance Framework app.  We are also launching our Softools Breakfast Briefings to give you a monthly opportunity to hear about our solutions, how they could be of use to you and what we have learnt from working with some of the largest companies in the world.

Now listen up! We've got a new launchpad landing next week that you need to read about. The Launchpad contains some great features that will make using your sites easier for you and your users. Check out report grouping and the embedded video field type. Read on for more!

Top Stories

G-Cloud 9 success!

We applied to continue being on the G-Cloud Digital Marketplace framework and we were successful! Being on the marketplace allows us to reach a large target audience of Public Sector companies whilst minimising the procurement process and allowing us to advertise our services on a level playing field. 2 of our partners were also successful which means Softools is represented on the marketplace three times, widening our net!

There has been a big take up in the use of the Cloud in public sector organisations and it is set to be a big area of growth in 2017 so watch this space as we continue to search for Public Sector opportunities.

Performance Assurance Framework apps

These Apps were developed by one of our partners, Turner & Townsend for use within a public sector organisation. They are used to help monitor and improve the performance of the Supply Chain within the organisation. The framework was first used by Turner & Townsend on the Crossrail programme see:
Crossrail declared the benefits of using performance assurance as follows :
"Crossrail’s approach to performance measurement was based on 6 core areas aligned to corporate objectives, using traditional quantitative based KPIs but supplemented with qualitative based assessments of the supply-chain’s maturity to provide a much richer picture of supply-chain performance. This enabled the targeted sharing of knowledge and innovation to support supply-chain capability improvement and underpinned a 48% increase in the supply-chain’s performance levels over a 4 year period, and resulted in 14 out of 16 assessed contracts out-performing the requirements of the contract."
The Apps simply enable this framework to be used more effectively. If you think your clients could benefit from this kind of improvement, we can put you in touch!

SEO? I didn't know you were in charge of a company?

Sorry for the bad pun. SEO for those that don't know is Search Engine Optimisation and is used in marketing to increase your website's visibility and improve your rankings on search engine sites such as Google or Bing.  Our parter Richard Claessens from Sales Tec has put together a handy guide with some great tips on how to improve your SEO and make your website stand out from the crowd. 

Our fancy new launchpad

Our new launchpad is landing next week and we can't wait for all of you to see it. The new launchpad area will show off your most popular apps, give you daily tips and give you shortcuts to your most recent records and reports. 
Here's a list of whats included:

The launchpad takes the existing Springboard (where the Apps live) and extends it and makes it learn from users. 

  • The first few apps shown will be those a user has recently used

  • There is also now a new area to show the last accessed set of "My Records"

  • There is also now a new area to show the last accessed set of "My Reports"

The launchpad can also have system messages and notifications enabled to give your users knowledge and support, tips and other information.

Hot Topic

Digital Transformation

"If money was no object, 84% of CIOs would scrap their current IT environment and start again"

Discussions with Business & Technology leaders over the last 12 months have revealed a very different set of challenges to the preceding period.  They talk of new opportunities arising from emerging technologies and the increasingly pivotal role of IT to business survival and growth, but they also talk about the complexity of their current infrastructure and how in an ideal world they would prefer to start with a blank canvas.

Want to know more about the key challenges? download our FREE whitepaper here today.

Hot Apps

GMP Audit: The Good Manufacturing Practice Audit app provides a structured approach to the routine assessment of key areas of the business from logistics and warehousing to manufacturing and planning.  GMP Audits are often conducted using tablets as part of a ‘walk-around’ of a specific area of the business unit.

Travel Requisition Apps: A set of apps for submitting, tracking and approving travel requests in compliance with company standards. Currently used with integration to Oracle system being used by the Client.

The Softools IoT Suite: in action the suite links Internet of Things (IoT) devices and the Microsoft IoT Hub to the Softools platform and multiple apps to: provide Executives with key real-time insights; drive improvement activities such as Engineering jobs; and deliver competitive advantage. See the video here

Partner News

This month Andy Bruce (Softools CEO) has been on a tour of Asia visiting Softools Partners and Clients. He is out there for another two weeks and we look forward to updating you in the next newsletter. Are you interested in having Softools come and visit you? Let us know where you are and we will try to organise a trip. 

New Features

Report Grouping

Where there are large numbers of reports on an Apps, we now allow reports to be grouped together, so the left menu on an App is less cluttered where an App has lots of reports

New Field type: Embedded video

 In any app we can now have a new field type which embeds a video from external content, meaning you can have video content play directly from within an app record.

Did you Know?