Softools and Franchise Operations

The success of a franchised business hinges on its ability to maintain consistent quality across locations. Think about the world’s most successful franchise brands. We all know the familiar taste of a McDonald’s hamburger and what to expect from a night’s stay at a Novotel hotel. What ensures these consistent customer experiences? Standards and the central governance of continuous improvement.

For a franchiser, visibility and collaboration are essential to maintaining standards and ensuring brand cohesion and protection in this model.

Softools helps franchise owners implement applications that maintain and improve standards. We do it by capturing best practices, enabling collaboration between franchisor and franchisee and providing visibility of performance. Some areas of franchise management that we currently work in include:

  • Standards Assessment – These assessments allow your business to enforce brand standards, customer service standards, quality and manufacturing. Softools embeds a defined process in its digital platform where you can:

    • Design an assessment that defines best practices. Assessments can be customized as necessary using Softools’ zero- code

    • Execute the assessment. Softools assessments are mobile and tablet enabled so managers can complete site audit questions easily. Photos and videos can be instantaneously uploaded and evaluators can sign and validate the audit directly in the app

    • Evaluate. Assessment results are stored in a single entry and require no manual consolidation. Automated reports stored in the cloud allow decision makers to instantly see real-time performance.

    • Create Actions. Track improvement actions for assessment results that didn’t meet the standard.

Best practices of high performing franchisees can be shared and adopted across locations as part of a performance management process.

  • Performance Management – As standards are evaluated and improved, performance will improve as it is catalogued and measured. Softools enables a three-step performance management process:

    • Set clear and visible KPIs. These allow you to monitor minimum performance criteria, and ultimately implement loftier KPIs to motivate hungry franchisees

    • Measure and evaluate real-time performance. Softools’ visual dashboards consolidate performance charts, reports and data to provide executive teams with real-time information and insights.

    • Implement corrective action and quickly intervene with underperforming franchisees

  • Incident Reporting - Document, address and prevent incidents through sound reporting.

    • Softools’s zero code allows you to establish a common template for incident reporting that can be shared for use across locations

    • A common form ensures reports are completed with facts, visually aided and validated with the appropriate signature.

    • The app functions as a central location where reports can be uploaded and catalogued, giving the franchisor the visibility and control it needs

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