Softools for Independent Consultants

Independent consulting or contracting can be a lucrative and flexible venture for those who choose this path. However, unless you are working on a contract or have a good pipeline of follow-on work, your future (and your income) is rarely guaranteed. 

Independent consultants usually share common characteristics:

  • They are good at what they do (or they won't last long)

  • They have deep networks so they have confidence they can find work

  • Their employers trust them

  • They acquire detailed knowledge of their clients' processes and pain points (and are often the only ones with this knowledge)

These characteristics bring an opportunity to deliver digital solutions that can drive tremendous value to the client. Offering digital solutions can strengthen the consultant's position with the client - firstly from a reputation perspective and secondly stickiness.

Imagine operating as a PMO Manager. Every week you generate program status reports. To do this, you attend numerous project status meetings/calls and chase project managers to update their risk logs and status reports.

Now imagine having access to a Digital Platform on which you can deploy a PMO application to digitise the process and the capturing of information, and automate the generation of reports.

Firstly, the app captures best practices tailored to the needs of your program, the culture of the client, and the methodologies that users must follow.

Secondly, the app guides users through the process, which brings consistency and best practice.

Thirdly, the app automates tasks like gathering status information, reminding action owners of their to-do's, and generating status reports for governance.

PMO is only one example. The benefits of digital transformation apply to a wide range of process needs: the need to collaborate, the need to share best practice (e.g., Standards Audit), the need for visibility of information (single version of the truth) or the need to adhere to a process (e.g., a Stagegate approval process).

But why do it? Many reasons:

  1. Be the one to bring innovation to the table

  2. Be the hero or heroine

  3. Elevate your brand and the services and capabilities you bring

  4. Create stickiness - it is harder to replace a consultant who has assets than just a warm body (albeit a clever one)

How can you do it?

Softools is a Zero Code Apps Development platform that enables the construction and deployment of business process applications without code. Consequently, deployments are rapid and low cost. Learning how to build Apps on the platform is quick and easy.

Softools have over 100 off the shelf apps to get you started.

To learn more, click here and begin your journey towards a refreshed business offering Digital Solutions.