Maintaining a Robust Customer/Supplier Database with Softools

On our travels with customers we came across an interesting challenge, for which we have a pragmatic and impactful answer.

The contact details of your customers/suppliers can become outdated quickly as people change roles or leave companies.

Still, companies rarely have processes in place to keep this information fresh.  Here’s where Softools can help. Easily configure an application that generates actions which are divided and assigned to the appropriate data owners responsible for validating the contact information. 

Custom stage/gate alerts track progress and ensure nothing is missed.  The audit trail gives management visibility of what tasks were completed, when, and by who to ensure accountability across a data cleansing framework. Users can be notified of any changes via email, SMS or Slack.

The benefits of an accurate and robust customer/supplier database are innumerous, including the ability to generate trustworthy insights and analytics, and optimal business correspondence costs. But, the primary benefit is ensuring opportunities are not missed due to inefficient communication.

When is the best time to perform this data validation process? We recommend these activities become a periodic process but should definitely be undertaken during a change of systems ahead of migrating data.

Are you about to embark on a systems migration? Do you need to implement a process to consistently validate your data? Whichever the need, get in touch!