Softools Newsletter No. 17

Softools Newsletter No. 17

2018 is proving to be the most exciting year in IT for the last ten years.  We talk about this as the ‘perfect storm’ with four major industry disconnects happening concurrently – all enabled through technology:  1) Corporate and Public Sector adoption of a cloud-first strategy, 2) the emergence of Enterprise Application Platforms (EAP) as the solution to ‘Shadow-IT’, 3) the Internet of Things (IOT) where all parts of the business can be connected real-time, and 4) Progressive Web Applications (PWA) that can work off-line and on any device.

In this months newsletter we cover a variety of topics including a new project with a globally recognised car company, our new relationship with OE consultancy Simpler, Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things discussion and an insight into the benefits of transitioning to an Enterprise Application Platform. We also have a whole host of New Features including a bar code scanner, draw box and self-registration with verification codes among others. 

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Softools Newsletter No. 16

Softools Newsletter No. 16

This month is a bumper newsletter! We have so much going on at the moment that we have included everything from our new GDPR update, how to capture and share best practices, new marketing materials from Softools, mobile optimisation and updates on our 3 world-class events. In the Hot Topic area we discuss the rise of Shadow IT and its organisational impact and then we go on to cover our financial tracking for Operational Excellence projects toolkit. 

Our new features section covers some fantastic new updates like the ability to show which attachments you have in records, image action buttons, auto-translate for app builders, the ability to add calendar items directly to the users personal calendar, export to pdf and buttons to send out reports!

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Softools Newsletter No. 15


The Softools Team wishes you and your team a very Happy Holiday season and a peaceful and prosperous New Year. 

This final Newsletter of the year will focus on upcoming items happenning in 2018 including the Smart Apps events happening in Q1, the Year of the App Builder, and access to the Softools Community Area. Our final Hot Apps for this year include Program Risk Management and the Asset Register and we have just released some new features including the ability to add a homepage background colour, buttons on homepages and naming of attachments. 

Would you like to have another app builder in your team or fancy learning the process yourself? Perhaps a refresher? Join us on one of our webinar-based Apps Incubator Programmes. See dates here.

Smart Apps London & Paris Events

We have two exciting events for CIO and CTO's as well as Operational Excellence Directors in London and Paris in 2018. Discussions with Business & Technology leaders over the last 12 months have identified new opportunities arising from emerging technologies and the increasingly pivotal role of IT to business survival and growth.  But they also talk about the complexity of their current infrastructure and how in an ideal world they would prefer to start with a blank canvas.  In these thought leadership events Softools,  in combination with Microsoft present what they call the the ‘2018 Tech Agenda’ - key challenges being faced by tech leaders, the key drivers of change, and a 10-point plan for Digital Transformation of the business.

Smart Apps UK - 31st January 2018
Smart Apps France - 6th February 2018

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2018 - The Year of the App Builder

We see 2018 as the Year of the App Builder, and to support this we have courses starting throughout the year and covering multiple time zones. The webinar based Softools Apps Incubator programme certifies users to ensure they have the ability to build apps from scratch, to configure existing off-the-shelf apps and to develop/optimise existing sites. App Builders in all sectors are utilising new features to create innovative new stand alone apps or complex enterprise solutions in hours.  Click here to download the latest Apps Incubator program outline and sign yourself or your colleagues up today.

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Softools Community Area

Do you have a suite of Apps that you would like to offer to existing Softools Users? Are you an App Builder and would like to read and share tips with the App Build community? Do you have a new feature you would like to suggest? We have now launched our Softools Community area., introduce yourself to other Softools Users to discuss latest trends in Business Apps, learn helpful Tips & Tricks and raise Feature Request for what you would like to see in future releases. Sign up for an account on to be able to create new posts, comment on discussion topics and vote on feature requests.

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Hot Topics

Smart Business Whitepaper

What will sector leaders be doing in 2018?  Whilst the answer will vary from sector to sector, it is clear that it will not be the same as in 2017.  We are already seeing the emergence of new value chains that involve companies working together in fundamentally different ways and using emerging digital technologies that will have a profound impact across all aspects of the business. 
Gary Hamel said in 2000 that “those that live by the sword will be shot by those that don’t”.  As we enter 2018, this statement will be truer than ever.  Those that fail to adopt new technologies and ways-of-working will be left behind by those that do!
This white paper focuses on the pivotal role of smart apps and Enterprise Application Platforms as the critical enablers of Digital Transformation – delivering a step-change in business, financial and operational performance based on the adoption of new technologies.

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Hot Apps

Program Risk Management

Over the last 4 weeks we have develop a Risk Management app based on international standards using in major construction and infra-structure programmes.  The Program Risk Management app allows the client, principle contracts and suppliers to work together on a joint Program Risk Register, where individual risks can be hidden or escalated as required.  As well as delivering in a mobile and off-line context, this new app offers to ability to: classify risks against a Risk Breakdown Structure RBS, render program risk on a 5x5 matrix ‘heat map’, and to present risks overlaid on a site map.  

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Asset Register

The Asset Register app is a list of the assets contained in a business unit or team, and forms the basis of either the initial installation of the asset or the ongoing preventive or reactive maintenance program.  Assets are captured in terms of the meta data but also photographs taken by the installation engineer on the mobile, geo-location details and perhaps barcode information.  Linked to the Asset Register you would often deploy an Inspection app for planning scheduled reviews, and a Issues list for preventive maintenance or resolution of problems.

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New Features

Homepage background colour

Linked to the ability to create clickable buttons on a homepage, we have introduced the option to add a background colour on homepages. This feature allows a clickable homepage to look like a single joined up page, rather than the clickable buttons looking slightly separate. This is especially useful on mobile devices.

Buttons on Homepages

There is now a new feature on homepages for zero code configuration to allow images and or buttons in some pre-defined layouts, combined with the other new feature - Homepage Background colours, we can now create a bespoke clickable homepage with images, colours and zero code buttons. Configuration of the homepages allow a range of options from 2x1 through to 3x3. Buttons can be zero coded to quick link to adding new records, or loading pre-selected reports. Buttons will also wrap responsively which is a key considerations on mobile devices.

Naming of attachments

Previously there has been no way to show on a record what attachments have been uploaded. There is now a new field type which shows a list of the attachments, including the friendly name of the attachment if one has been added. Because this is a new field type, it can be included in a word export for a record. The list of attachments also includes a link to the attachment, useful for naming image attachments for example.

All of these features are live and ready to be used on your site and in your apps.
Need some help getting started? No problem, drop us a note here:

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Softools Newsletter No. 12

Softools Newsletter No. 12

As August is on the horizon many of us are looking forward to our summer break, but fear not, the Softools team will be working away to keep the new features coming and the apps and platform up to world class standard. This month we are announcing our Offline  due date, the launch of an Advanced App Builder Workshop and an update to the Refresh Programme. Our Hot Topic for this month is GDPR as it is rapidly approaching and momentum continues to grow.  We are also discussing some of our Hot Apps such as the IoT Line Monitor Audit and the Change Log app. 

This month in the new features section there is a re-cap of the last three months releases, by releasing them so rapidly we're aware it's hard to keep up!

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Softools Newsletter No.7

Softools Newsletter No.7

Welcome back, we hope you and your team have had a good break over the festive period and are off to a roaring start to 2017. We are excited to tell you about a few of the key features and top stories we've been working on as we've hit the ground running. 

This month we are focusing on showcasing the Softools USP, a look into Business Governance and the Gemba walk on a tablet or phone. To get 2017 started we have two very useful new features: email updates for you to keep notified of any changes to your apps or records, and image list fields so you can be more creative with your reports and data entry!

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Softools Newsletter No.6

Softools Newsletter No.6

‘Is your business ready for the challenges it faces from relentless competition and changing customer expectations’? Read about our new Business Refresh Programme, then find out more about our integration with Slack and our Partner of the  Month: Entheo. 

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