A Comprehensive Project Management Office

We have made significant upgrades to our widely used Work Plan App and transformed it into a Project Management Office Suite. This suite is a comprehensive P3M solution, flexible to fit the needs of each level of project management including the Portfolio Manager, Project Sponsor and Project Manager. Key Features include:

  • Program/Portfolio Visibility : Project Managers/teams can view a snapshot of their projects and drill into details where needed

  • Checkpoints : Project managers can manage the status of their projects through customized checkpoints/stage gates. Workflow capabilities enable alerts by email or Slack when stages must be evaluated

  • Risk and Issue Management : All users within the 3PM hierarchy can view and manage all risks, issues and actions assigned to them in one centralised place

  • Benefit and Cost Management : Track the progress and health of business case benefits through the project life cycle. Track commercial benefits on both the project and portfolio level! Control and track budgets, and track committed and anticipated spend

  • Reporting : Two-tiered reporting: View in-app dashboards  or generate output reports. Reports are tailored to a selected audience (Client, Teams, Execs, Finance) and can be generated automatically at a project or portfolio level.

Reliance Energy Case Study


Reliance Energy is a professional services company working with organisations which develop, construct and operate energy projects. More recently Reliance has diversified, offering services into other industries. Despite modest staffing resources, Reliance Energy often have up to 50 projects running at any one time. The avoidance of duplicated work is imperative, and business critical project data must be efficiently captured and shared across the team.


Operating within an industry which frequently undergoes regulatory change, Reliance needs to be agile and responsive, continually evolving its business model and processes. Standard off-the-shelf CRM and Project Management systems proved to be too rigid and expensive to customise and regularly adapt. As the portfolio grew rapidly, so did the back-office workload and the commercial risks associated with managing this off-system.


Reliance implemented Softools’ zero-code platform on which employees developed and configured applications without coding.  The resulting suite of apps automated previously time-consuming processes and has provided a much-needed means of effectively managing the projects.

Key capabilities include:

  • Project tracking & access to key documents

  • Automated Key Action reporting

  • Storage of project photos and videos directly to instantly accessible records

  • Project information exported into pre-formatted slides and reports for clients

  • Performance Reporting


Reliance now has an easily accessible, real-time view of all its projects. It’s now possible for Reliance to monitor and review its business, and to produce KPI reporting to help focus the team’s efforts where they’re most needed. Reliance now have complete visibility of key deadlines - “In one instance, our app alerted us to a deadline to sign a legal agreement that otherwise put a £350k project at risk”.

The ability to export data into pre-formatted slides saves Reliance up to a day each week in producing important project status reports necessary to keep key stakeholders in the know. Key suppliers have controlled access to the system, while clients and investor representatives are confident in Reliance’s abilities to manage projects and business successfully.

Reliance continues to grow their business supported by Softools’ agile and scalable system.

“Every bit of time we invest in configuring the system pays back 10-fold in terms of time savings and reduced risk of errors” - Natasha Goode, Reliance Energy

Softools Newsletter No. 16

Softools Newsletter No. 16

This month is a bumper newsletter! We have so much going on at the moment that we have included everything from our new GDPR update, how to capture and share best practices, new marketing materials from Softools, mobile optimisation and updates on our 3 world-class events. In the Hot Topic area we discuss the rise of Shadow IT and its organisational impact and then we go on to cover our financial tracking for Operational Excellence projects toolkit. 

Our new features section covers some fantastic new updates like the ability to show which attachments you have in records, image action buttons, auto-translate for app builders, the ability to add calendar items directly to the users personal calendar, export to pdf and buttons to send out reports!

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