Business Refresh Program

‘Is your business ready for the challenges it faces from relentless competition and changing customer expectations’?

If not, then perhaps now is the time to stop, rethink, and refresh your business strategy and operational processes.  The Softools Business Refresh program will guide you and your team through four stages of sustainable growth, whilst locking-in industry best practices into your ways-of-working using our advanced web-application platform.

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World class Apps supported by business facilitation & coaching services to deliver sustainable growth….

High Growth Companies:  As many as 70% of small businesses and 90% of tech start-ups fail in the first five years.  Investment in such enterprises is uncertain, and so to gain the confidence of Executive sponsors and potential funders, the leaders of start-ups and entrepreneurial teams require a different mind-set and suite of tools.  Survival and growth of such businesses needs a solution that enables them to define and drive towards clear goals but in a way that enables agility, speed of response and innovation in the face of a rapidly changing environment. 

Corporate Transformation Programs:  The Business Refresh program is also used by corporate clients to provide both visibility and control, and the consistent adoption of industry best practices in any strategic change or business transformation program.

The program is broken into four distinct sequential phases with apps supporting up each stage: 



Analyse your external and competitive environments to identify opportunities and threats. Combine the outcomes with disruptive / innovative thinking to create a summary of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT).


Use the Scan outcomes to influence and set strategy based on the unique 9-stage Business Blueprint Framework. Products & services, customers & markets and the source of competitive advantage will result in clear solutions targeting key attractive markets. Based on sound knowledge of the external and competitive environments, use the rapid implementation of activities to transform and lock-in performance improvements.


Identify what processes and capabilities exist now and those that are required for future success as well as what actions are needed to close the gaps.  Then plan, prioritise, resource, track and report on progress as part of a rapid implementation program.


Finally put in place the governance processes and   systems to ensure you are in control – Board Meetings, Strategic KPIs,   Strategic Risk Register, and a Performance Planning process for key members of the team.