IT as the critical enabler of business transformation

Softools is an Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) that allows simple and complex web and mobile apps to be created and deployed in hours by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) - without the need for any coding. The Softools EAP offers the potential to transform the creation and deployment of business critical apps. The potential savings for the CTO can be dramatic – as much as 50% of non-ERP spend. Using the Softools EAP, apps: are developed in hours, rapidly adopted by users, dramatically simplify the software footprint, and require very little support overheads or operating costs.

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CTO & CIOs need apps that are:

  • Fit for purpose

  • Low-cost / in-budget

  • Delivered fast / against tight deadlines

  • Compliant with emerging data security standards

    The Softools zero-code web platform delivers features and functionality that optimise each Key Performance Indicator


‘We (the IT department) can now provide Business Units with a self-service development environment, yet still control data and user access. It’s the best of both worlds – Business Units get what they want, speed and agility, and the IT department retains control’ - CTO, Global Outsourcing Firm


Integration, Interoperability & Innovation

The Softools platform has 'published APIs' that enable integration and make innovative technologies available to your solutions


  • Connect and exchange data across apps - all apps can run in stand-alone or integrated format

  • Interface with major enterprise systems like SAP and Salesforce

  • Integrate with API enabled legacy systems

  • Import important data using csv import-export ‘interface’ documents

  • Connect with smart devices and IoT hubs


  • Design and deploy innovative solutions

  • Create advanced IoT and Industry 4.0 solutions

  • Exploit emerging AI and ‘Deep Learning’ capabilities in MS Azure




Cyber Essentials Certified


As a software services provider, we are continually dedicated to quality and investing in assurance testing. We have reinforced our commitment to our customers by securing Cyber Essentials certification. 

The Cyber Essentials scheme is backed by the UK Government and supported by the Federation of Small Businesses and the CBI.  The UK Government requires all suppliers bidding for contracts involving the handling of certain sensitive and personal data to be certified against the Cyber Essentials Scheme.

The scheme’s five security controls include:

  • Secure configuration

  • Boundary firewalls

  • User access control

  • Patch management

  • Malware protection

Azure Compliance

Deployed on the world's most secure and stable web platform - Microsoft Azure. Softools meets 100% of global data security standards.