Smart Business

Business and technology leaders talk of digital transformation and the increasingly pivotal role of IT to business survival and growth.  But they also talk about the complexity of their current systems and how in an ideal world they would refer to start with a blank canvas.


So what is on the CIO's Agenda?

Whilst there are a number of concerns to be addressed, leading businesses talk about focusing on four key inter-connected challenges; ungoverned processes, sustainable performance improvement, the extended enterprise, and the proliferation of non-core Excel (spreadsheet) applications.

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Ungoverned Processes

Un-Sustainable Performance 


Emergence of the Extended Enterprise

Proliferation of legacy and Excel-based applications

Case Stories

Across all sectors, industry sector leaders are introducing radically new ways-of-working based on exciting new technologies, and they are doing so in a way that drives competitive advantage and operation excellence.  Here are four simple examples:





App Incubator


Apps built by non-IT Subject Matter Experts on the Softools zero-code platform.  This gives the CIO the governance and control they require, but minimises the impact on scarce IT development resources.

Internet of Things IoT


Softools Apps that take real-time or sampled data feeds from devices across business operations.  This provides Executives with real-time performance data which enhances decision making and critical action planning.

ERP Bolt-ons

- ASIA -

Apps that extend the functionality of the core ERP system, but that are built outside in hours in the more agile Softools 'App Studio' and linked in via APIs.  This delivers enhanced functionality at a fraction of the time and cost.

Digital Strategy

- USA -

Apps that support the digital enablement of a leading training and consulting firm.  The Softools platform enables them to deliver completely new services which in turn drive significant enduring value to client business.