Softools business process apps replace 1,000s of simple or complex legacy or Excel-based applications with applications that are secure, scalable, device agnostic, integrated, fully supported and fit-for-purpose. The Softools Enterprise Application Platform allows users to create zero-code business process applications.

"Optimise business performance through zero-code smart apps"


Build apps


Build your business process apps with zero-coding needed. Simply follow our 8-step app-build process to have your apps fully deployed in a secure and scalable web-hosted environment in hours - accessible anywhere, anytime. 

YOU NO LONGER NEED TO BE A SOFTWARE DEVELOPER TO BUILD APPS! Sign up to an App builder Day to see how.

Not the right fit? No problem, we can build your app for you.


Select from our library of 100's of ready-made apps created in partnership with our community of business process experts world-wide. 

Apps cover all functions of the business from and can be used in isolation or as part of an integrated Enterprise Solution such as:  Governance Risk and Compliance, Innovation, Supply Chain & Operational Excellence and Business Refresh.




As well as being trusted by sector leading companies world-wide, all solutions are highly secure and scalable.  But what is it that makes Softools stand out?

As well as delivering a world-class web-application platform, Softools differentiate from the competition by offering five core capabilities:

  • Secure environment: Running multiple apps on a single platform

  • Business insight: Capturing and embedding industry best practices

  • Zero-code: Creating and editing apps without the need for any coding

  • Mobile-first: Ability to run on any device from PC to smart phone

  • Global reach: Option to deploy anywhere in the world in less than 2 hours