Softools is a web-based application platform where off-the-shelf and custom apps can be designed, built and deployed in hours.



With Softools, all features come as standard.

Features are turned on and off as required - allowing local Administrators to configure apps and features to the needs of individual teams as required.  Apps are also instantly secure and scalable, and accessible from any device running a modern web browser from PC to smart phone - anywhere anytime. 


  • Softools runs in a secure and scalable cloud

  • Security determines what you see

  • Permissions will determine what you can do

  • New site set up in minutes


  • Standard view of your data

  • Basis of performance reviews

  • Agile search capability

  • Ability to drill down


  • Single point of access for apps

  • Other apps available on request

  • Administrator menu options

  • App Builder menu options

data input

  • Data input fields in Templates & web Forms

  • Web forms reflect the business process

  • Input fields in any language and workflow

  • Data entered manually, via csv or via APIs


  • Charts provide summary level views

  • Real-time Executive visibility & control

  • Combine data & charts of different apps

  • Can be automatically fed from IOT devices


  • Data views in a graphical format

  • All charts enable drill-down to detail

  • All chart types supported

  • Charts at a record or portfolio level


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