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    Choose from hundreds of off-the-shelf business apps covering all functions and business processes from strategic change, supply chain and operational excellence to project & portfolio management, balanced scorecards, governance and compliance.

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    Design and configure simple or complex business process applications using an 8-step process – without the need for software programming.

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    Use a single-click to make your new applications instantly available across the business in a secure and stable web-platform running at speed.

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Building Blocks of Softools

  • Off the shelf Apps

  • Mobile Operation

  • Agile Operations

  • Charts & Reports

  • Online

  • Executive Dashboards

  • Data Security & Back-up

  • Workflow Automation

  • Return on Investment

  • CSV & API Integrated

  • Collaborate Community

  • Real-time Notifications

  • Scalable
    1 to 1M

  • Extended Enterprise

  • App Studio RADD

Executive Team

Busy Executives want solutions that give them real-time visibility and control over core processes and performance, as well as capable people that follow best industry practices.

Users & Subject Matter Experts

User want apps that help them do their in a way that is fast, easy and convenient with anywhere, anytime any device access – and they want it to be fun!

IT Support Team

IT teams want to buy or build apps that address the needs of the business in a way that is secure, stable, scalable and integrated into existing business applications such as SAP.

System Administrators

Administrators want a system that is transparent and easy to configure and support, and agile enough to reflect the changing needs of the business.

App Builders

Application builders (whether the IT team or Subject Matter Experts) want an environment where they can design, develop and deploy world-class apps quickly and with zero coding.

Off-the-shelf Apps. Select from a catalogue of 100s of pre-configured apps grouped into functional areas and core process that are ready to use on a click-to-use basis.

Mobile Operation. Choose when and where you want to work! The ‘responsive design’ of each app enables easy operation on any device ranging from high definition computers to smart phone (running any operating system) – anywhere anytime.

Agile Applications. Add, modify, copy or remove apps quickly and simply, and without any data manipulation or involvement of IT / technical resources.

Charts & Reports. Select from 100s of standard reports and chart types – all configurable by trained Administrators or users.

Online Coach. Learn from the Online Coach how to use the system to support core business process - trains and reminds user what do to, how to do it and how it will impact on business performance.

Executive Dashboards. Executives gain visibility and control of critical business process through dashboards that drives effective decision making at regular Performance Review Meetings.

Data Security & Back-up. Once applications are published, all user data is automatically secure and backed-up daily. The Softools platform in used to handle sensitive and classified data in government, military and nuclear sectors.

Workflow Automation. Use Event and time-based triggers and ‘If-Then logic’ to drive work activity, automatically update records and keep people informed.

Return-on-Investment. Optimise the value from apps by delivering a step-change in business, operational and financial performance at low set-up and running costs.

CSV & API Integrated. Share data with other internal or external systems using csv interface documents or the Softools published APIs.

Collaboration & Community. Work across internal teams and external customers and suppliers to share knowledge, insights and learnings and to deliver supply chain and operational excellence.

Real-time Notifications. Use both ‘push’ and ‘pull’ capabilities of the platform to allow users to gain updates and notifications via the system screen, emails or sms.

Scalable - 1 to 1M. As your needs grow, you can add new users and teams without the need to change the system set-up or technical architecture.

Extended Enterprise. Work with customers and suppliers on a single secure system to share information, and to plan, implement and track work activities such as projects, innovations or risks.

App Studio RADD. Use the integrated Softools ‘AppStudio’ to Design, Develop AND Deploy your own apps. AppStudio enables non-technical resources such as Subject Matter Experts to deploy apps without needing to involve the IT team.

The App Building Process

The process of building an app typically starts with an outline from the client or end-user in the form of a sketch, and PPT document or an Excel spreadsheet. The build process then guides the client through a 8-step build and release process which for simple applications can be as quick as 2 hours. More about App Builder

  • Step 1 App Blue Print
  • Step 2 Process
  • Step 3 Data input Fields
  • Step 4 Layout Templates
  • Step 5 Output Reports
  • Step 6 Workflow Automation
  • Step 7 Integrate
  • Step 8 Click to Deploy

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