Our Technical Hub in Henley-on-thames, UK

Our Technical Hub in Henley-on-thames, UK

Softools was founded in 1998 and was tasked with creating a software platform to embed 'best practices' within the most critical operational processes.  Over the last 20 years, Softools has grown to now deliver the world's most advanced 'business process' web-application platform to sector leading corporations and public sector organisations in all regions of the world and across all parts of the corporate value chain.

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Our company is anchored by an advanced technical team based in Henley-on-Thames (UK). In addition, we have regional offices who work with leading consulting companies and system integrators to implement off-the-shelf and client specific solutions that transform business, operational and financial performance.

Please contact with our regional office directors with any questions.

London: Vipul Lakhani

Paris: Harrie Barron

Singapore: Andy Bruce

New York: Walter Caon

Ottawa: Sean Beauchamp

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